California Pizza Kitchen introduces a new summer pizza trend

Summer cooking often requires firing up the grill, and California Pizza Kitchen believes pizza deserves the prime spot on the grill grates. The popular restaurant chain has the pizza. All chefs need to do is provide the cooking surface.

From the legendary Original BBQ Chicken to the classic Pepperoni, everyone has their favorite CPK pizza flavor. Fresh from the pizza oven, the first slice is absolutely delicious with its perfectly melted cheese and crispy crust.

While the experts at the local CPK restaurant ensure that every pizza that comes to the table is perfect, some people prefer to enjoy their slice in the comfort of their own home. Instead of turning on the oven and heating up the house, California Pizza Kitchen suggests a different cooking method for summer: the grill.

The Grab and Grill Pizza promotion is a reminder that pizza made on the grill is delicious. Chef Paul Pszybylski, CPK's vice president of culinary innovation, said: “Our Grab and Grill pizza promotion is the perfect combination of convenience, value, taste and summer fun.” While we know that the ultimate CPK pizza experience can be found in our restaurants, but our grab-and-grill options may be the best pizza you've ever had at home!”

Grab and Grill pizza options include: Original BBQ Chicken, Thai Chicken, Mushroom Pepperoni Sausage, Pepperoni, California Veggie and Five Cheese + Fresh Tomato. The options are classic. While the recent return of the tostada pizza got a lot of buzz, these options have been around for a while.

To be clear, Grab and Grill pizzas are made to order and sold fresh. Once the dough hits the grill, the crispy texture will be outstanding.

For pizza lovers who haven't necessarily grilled pizza before, you can find the cooking instructions on the packaging. There is also a website where CPK boss Paul explains the method.

This grilled pizza idea is perfect for summer. While other pizza chains have added BBQ flavor to the pie, the slight smoky flavor from the grill penetrates the dough and adds depth of flavor.

Plus, no one wants to turn on an oven in the summer. Not only does it bring unnecessary heat into the house, but it also keeps the cook away from all the outdoor fun. Almost any food can be prepared on the grill. It's time to discover that barbecues are more than just burgers and hot dogs.

Are you ready to grill with California Pizza Kitchen? The summer food fun is picking up speed.

Anna Harden

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