Letters and phone calls from the Tax Commission will go out soon | Idaho

BOISE — The Idaho State Tax Commission is sending more than 25,700 settlement letters to taxpayers who filed individual and corporate income tax returns this year but did not pay the entire amount due.

These statement letters are for the 2023 tax return year. The invoices include the tax owed plus any penalties and interest. Payments were due on April 15th.

“If you get a tax bill in the mail, don’t ignore it,” said Tax Commission Chairman Jeff McCray. “Pay the full amount due or use the contact information provided on your bill to ask us for advice.”

Starting May 20, the Tax Commission will contact those who received the letters by telephone. The calls are aimed at educating taxpayers and helping them pay off their debts.

Taxpayers have many options for paying taxes, including Quick Pay by credit card, debit card, check, or by setting up a payment plan if they are eligible.

If you have questions about your 2023 personal or corporate income tax return or need assistance with your account, call the Tax Commission at (208) 334-7633. For more information about Idaho taxes, visit

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