Sorry Kristi Noem, there are no such things as “untrainable” dogs

A South Dakota animal shelter is rejecting the idea that there is such a thing as an “untrainable” dog, as Republican Gov. Kristi Noem defends a years-old decision to shoot her 14-month-old puppy because of his bad behavior.

The governor was widely considered the leading candidate in Donald Trump's vice presidential election – until Friday The guard released excerpts from her upcoming biography, including grisly details about the killing of animals on her farm, including the puppy, a wire-haired female named Cricket.

Stop making excuses, Kristi Noem. This dog will not hunt.

Noem reportedly writes in her book that Cricket is “untrainable,” “aggressive,” and “beyond worthless” as a hunting dog. She remembers dragging Cricket to a gravel pit and shooting her in front of a desperate construction crew, having had enough of the dog ruining a hunting trip, killing chickens and biting her.

Paws Animal Rescue, an animal shelter based in the capital Pierre, said in a Facebook post Saturday that it had been “inundated with messages” involving Noem's anecdote. Although it declined to comment on the governor's situation, the rescue team said its team felt compelled to comment on “untrainable dogs” in general.

“We haven’t met anyone yet,” the shelter said. “In all of our years in animal rescue and the thousands of animals that have come through our doors, we have never encountered a dog so untrainable that it deserved to be shot.”

The organization said its volunteer-led team encountered all types of dogs exhibiting problem behavior and, in each case, worked to “teach them manners” and find them the right homes.

Is euthanasia sometimes necessary? In certain situations, yes,” said the rescue. “When an animal is so sick that [its] If the quality of life is subhuman, then humane euthanasia could be the answer. If an animal has been so damaged by people or circumstances that it has demons that it cannot overcome, sometimes perhaps even then.

“For a 14-month-old puppy (who was almost certainly purchased from a breeder at 8 weeks old and had every opportunity to teach him proper behavior), absolutely not,” it continues.

After publication, Noem's anecdote about cricket sparked online outrage and widespread criticism. Users wondered why she hadn't returned the dog to its breeder or given it to an animal shelter. The guard, which received a copy of Noem's book, did not say whether she named Cricket's breeder in it, and her identity remained unclear Sunday. However, there are more than 60 animal shelters and charities in South Dakota, according to nonprofit tracker Cause IQ.

Paws Animal Rescue did not immediately respond to a request for further comment Sunday evening. Her post included a link for donations to be “reserved specifically for the training and rehabilitation of dogs that come into our care and are 'untrainable.'”

Noem, 52, reiterated his decision to kill cricket on Sunday. However, she said she understood why “some people” might have been “upset” by the anecdote, the governor said tweeted that she is “a responsible mother, dog owner and neighbor.”

She continued: “The fact is that South Dakota law states that dogs that attack and kill livestock can be euthanized.” Given that Cricket had shown aggressive behavior toward humans by biting them, the decision was made I what I did.”

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