Mom supports a 9-year-old's part-time job and is unprepared for what life looks like now

A mother has supported her daughter's independent business and helped her take her dream trip.

Allysun Wilson (@restingfitchbase), 31, said her daughter Emmy has been fascinated by New York City for five years and describes her dream places in a book about New York architecture.

The marketer and business owner sat down with her aspiring small business owner to come up with a plan on how she could generate enough income to afford a plane ticket.

The business partners from rural North Carolina started an egg company — with a twist — and a video showcasing their marketing efforts now has 1.5 million views on TikTok.

Wilson told Newsweek: “So I made the video because I thought, “Wow, she's really in school and I'm doing all this for her so she can achieve her goal”… it was a weird situation.

The mother set out to encourage her little girl to earn an income for her dream trip


“The whole thing really took off because people were inspired by her motivation and detailed research.

“That resulted in multiple orders in just a few hours, and we only have four chickens, so one egg a day per chicken, and it took three days to produce just a dozen.”

“That led to a waiting list and ultimately me putting it all together while she was in school.”

The mother explained in detail how they achieved their business goal. First, they wanted to find an egg carton that stood out from other cartons. After a few hours of browsing, they found a square and clear box that caught their eye.

Next, they had to come up with a name, choosing “Emmy's Best Eggs,” and a suitable label design

The mother added: “Her favorite color is purple, but she wanted to catch the attention of her target audience.”

“She then googled 'favorite color for women in all of America,' she did it on her own, without any direction from me, and the color ended up being purple… lo and behold!

“So I printed out labels, stuck them on the containers and went straight to Facebook.”

Child collects chickens
The girl is just three months away from being able to afford her plane ticket.

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Surprisingly, the nine-year-old now earns passively.

The mother added: “She gets the money while I do the work, I'm her mother so I'm more than willing and she's currently making half the cost of a plane ticket.”

Emmy's eggs are $5 per dozen and regular customers get $1 off if they return with the same egg carton.

The mother revealed that she had over-marketed on Facebook and now has a waiting list. With four hens laying one egg a day, it takes three days to get a dozen.

The mother added: “People just love it and have been completely supportive. There are even some who simply gave her money to achieve her goal or paid extra for her eggs.”

“The community here is just overjoyed that she has such drive and a great personal goal that will help her see more than just the small town she lives in.”

Her daughter is just two to three months away from securing her ticket to the Big Apple and her dream of seeing the Statue of Liberty in real life.

Emma is clearly following in her mother's business-minded footsteps, as Wilson owns a spay tanning and marketing company.

She added, “I wanted to show my daughter that it's possible to be successful in more ways than just typical American ways, and I think she's finally getting that.” I’m a proud mom!”