Holland America Line opens the Alaska cruise season with an exclusive beer

As guests embark on a breathtaking Alaskan cruise, Holland America Line is offering an exclusive beer to toast the epic adventure. Whether you enjoy it on the balcony or sip it with a fresh fish dinner, this special brew from Pike Brewing Company is just as intriguing as the area.

Beverage programs are crucial on cruise ships. From the increasing popularity of non-alcoholic options to tracking beverage trends, guests want to have options during their unforgettable vacation.

Recently, cruise brands have been taking advantage of unique onboard offerings. Collaborating with distilleries, wineries, and breweries to offer brand, ship, or itinerary-specific beverages is critical to the overall experience. Just as a plate of food flavors memories long after you step out, a satisfying sip is just as important.

As the Alaska cruise season begins, Holland America Line has partnered with Pike Brewing Company to offer Killer Whale Pale Ale. The specialty beer, available exclusively on board Alaska cruises, seems like an accessible option that pairs well with a wide variety of foods.

Created by Seattle's oldest craft brewery, the pale ale has a touch of sweetness from honey and a hint of brightness from citrus and tropical fruits. Never too hoppy or sweet, its 5.5% alcohol content makes it a beer for any occasion. Whether after a trip or with dinner, the beer is a must-try on board.

As Holland America Line focuses on its global fresh fish program and its fresh fish ambassador Masaharu Morimoto, the introduction of a local beer onboard stays true to the brand's willingness to highlight local products. It's about more than just matching the taste of food with a great beer. The idea is to find connections and start a larger conversation.

Served in cans on board, the label makes some people want to save one for posterity. It was created by native Alaska artist Rico Worl, a member of the Tlingit and Athabascan communities, and is available in three versions.

Worl commented on the design: “The design on the label represents the food chain in the Pacific Northwest.” The figure above is the killer whale with its prominent dorsal fin and sharp teeth. Below the killer whale, the seal cleverly maneuvers itself out of the killer whale's grasp by changing direction. Both are smart and funny creatures, and it was fun to imagine the chase using multiple directions of movement as visual features.”

The creative label combined with the stunning Alaskan backdrop and delicious local fish will be a must-try for any moment. These captivating images should make you want to book your own glacier adventure.

Given that Holland America Line offers a Glacier Guarantee on every Alaska cruise, the travel company appreciates that the combination of experience and impeccable hospitality makes for the best cruise experience.

Holland America Line is considered a leading provider of Alaska cruises. For more information on itineraries, experiences and the cruise brand's history, visit their website.

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