The clock is ticking on Ren Brown Nebraska's football offer

In recent years, the Nebraska football team has done an excellent job of being players for, if not completely sealing off, the state's top prospects. However, every now and then also head coach Matt Rhule admitted He waited a little too long to offer anything to anyone.

Is it possible the Huskers are waiting too long for Ren Brown? Or is this a situation where the Nebraska football coaches simply don't believe the Stanton offensive lineman warrants a scholarship offer? At the moment it seems more the latter than the former.

Brown, a outstanding eight-man football player, brings together some very interesting offers. On Sunday, he received one from Northern Illinois, making it the 13th scholarship offer he has received in recent months.

In addition to the Huskies, the 6-foot-5, 285-pound offensive tackle has official interest from Oregon State, South Dakota, South Dakota State, Texas Tech, Army, Air Force, Montana, North Dakota, Ohio, Eastern Michigan, Columbia and Northern Iowa.

That's a pretty diverse group of teams, although it's clear that at least some power conference teams believe Brown is worth a scholarship.

It's not like Nebraska is generally afraid of eight-man talent either. One of their top prospects in the 2024 class just happened to play eight-man football and excelled at it.

At the moment it looks like this Texas Tech is the team to beat for the offensive lineman. The big question seems to be whether he will play as an offensive tackle or offensive guard. His versatility could be another positive for Nebraska if they come around.

Interestingly, it was May last year Rhule admitted he missed it about how long he waited to offer Teddy Rezac, who ultimately chose Notre Dame.

Obviously things are different with Ren Brown, but you have to wonder if the Husker coaches are making similar mistakes here.

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