$37,000 found in two public restrooms in Marysville, Ohio

For the second time in a week, thousands of dollars have been found hidden in a public restroom in the same small Ohio town.

Marysville is a small city of less than 26,000 residents located about 30 minutes northwest of Columbus, Ohio. You've probably never heard of Marysville because nothing crazy happens in this sleepy town. Or is it? Last weekend, an employee at the Avalon Cinema noticed a man acting somewhat shady before entering the public restroom. The next day, $25,000 was found in that bathroom. Less than a week later, another $12,000 was found, according to ABC 6.

On Saturday, more than $25,000 was found in the toilet of the Avalon Theater, and then on Thursday evening, more than $12,000 was found in the toilet of a KFC restaurant on Delaware Avenue.

Marysville police are investigating both rare finds to find out who left the money behind and why. It is currently unclear whether the two incidents are related. However, it's hard to believe that these are two separate incidents in which people left tens of thousands of dollars behind in public restrooms in Marysville, Ohio.

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The cash found in both KFC restrooms and movie theaters comes in $5, $10, and $100 denominations and is real cash. Another fun fact: As far as we know, no crime was committed. It's just strange.


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