The rare recording of Celia Cruz premieres May 24 in Miami

A previously unheard audio reel that captures a Celia Cruz Concert in a legendary bar in the United States will be unveiled on May 24th. The recording was discovered last year by Albertico Rodriguez, a South Florida radio host, as he cleans out his closet. Rodríguez brought the tape with him Omer Pardillo Cidthe executor of Cruz's estate, and Nelson Albaredaowner of Loud and livelythe company that represents the legacy of the “Cuban Queen of Salsa.”

The recording includes a live performance at the now defunct Casanova Club in Miami, believed to be from 1986 or 1987, according to the reel's label. After digitizing the tape, the team was thrilled that the audio quality was excellent.

“I didn’t cry, but I was clearly moved” Albareda told Billboard Magazine. Albareda, who worked with Cruz As a young assistant, he was particularly excited when he entered the music industry over three decades ago. “The recording quality is not only excellent, but also includes hits like “Quimbara”“, he revealed.

The entire recording will be available starting May 24th in a digital album titled “En Vivo: 100 Years of Azúcar”marks the beginning of the centenary of Celia CruzBirth. The album will contain nine tracks including “Quimbara”and comes with a photo book and exclusive, frameable photos of Cruz.

Celia Cruz Alfonso was born on October 21, 1925 in Cuba and died on July 16, 2003 in the United States as a result of a brain tumor. Known as “Queen of Salsa” With this she brought her music closer to a worldwide audience Fania All Starsreceived numerous awards, including multiple platinum and gold records, three Grammy Awardsfour Latin Grammy AwardsThe Presidential Medal of Artsand a star on that Hollywood Walk of Fame.

Frequently asked questions about the rare recording of Celia Cruz

Here are some frequently asked questions and answers about Celia Cruz's newfound recording and what it means to her legacy.

What's special about this recording by Celia Cruz?

The recording is a previously unheard live performance at Miami's Casanova Club from the late 1980s, featuring high-quality audio and iconic hits like “Quimbara.”

When will the recording be available to the public?

The recording will be released on May 24 in a digital album titled “En Vivo: 100 Años de Azúcar.”

Who discovered the recording?

The recording was discovered last year by South Florida radio host Albertico Rodríguez while he was cleaning out his closet.

What additional content will the album contain?

The album will contain nine tracks and comes with a photo book and exclusive, frameable photos by Celia Cruz.

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