Bear attacks kill one dog and injure another in New Jersey

In a current one Bear attack The May 9 accident in Sparta left a dog seriously injured. However, it was the May 13 incident that took the life of a beloved pet. Due to two consecutive attacks, New Jersey police have issued a warning asking residents to beware of bears.

One dog was killed and another injured in separate bear attacks in Sparta

On Monday, a bear killed a dog in Sparta, New Jersey, according to ABC7. The incident came a few days after another puppy was injured in an incident in the same city. The first bear attack occurred on Graphic Boulevard when a resident's pet was injured by a mother bear who had her cub next to her. The second attack occurred just a mile away on Mountain Spring Drive, where a mother bear fatally injured a dog while trying to protect her cub.

While the first dog is expected to make a full recovery, the second puppy did not share the same fate. The dog, named Rocco, was seriously injured and required over 100 stitches after being taken to the vet. After racking up a $6,000 bill, the dog sadly died four days after the fatal attack.

After two consecutive incidents, Sparta Township Police and NJ Fish and Wildlife have launched an investigation. Area residents have been advised to keep an eye out for bears and take precautions while out and about. Authorities recommend using an air horn to scare the bears away.

Even though bears look cuddly, they are dangerous to be around, especially when they are with their young. Food sources tend to attract bears because they have a keen sense of smell. Therefore, it is important to secure your garbage cans. Even when they leave their caves after hibernation, they are constantly looking for food. The removal of any food source thus makes the community a repeated target for food acquisition.

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