Where is the budget that makes the state grow?

For years, agency budgets were plundered because times were tough in North Dakota. Now, at a time of state prosperity, Gov. Doug Burgum is proposing a 3% across-the-board budget cut.

Nothing could be more disheartening for our public servants, aspiring workers, and for communities that need help with schools and roads.

Doug Burgum's budget announcement sounds like a campaign speech. Budget cuts and phrases like “We hold the line” are popular this time of year. Of course, there are always some efficiencies to be gained, but Burgum would rather open a new outdoor recreation office than deal with the important stuff.

The Department of Transportation still has work to do, and North Dakota lawmakers are committed to supplementing the Highway Patrol's retirement fund with a one-time infusion of $46.3 million.

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We must support public education infrastructure and teacher salaries. What about our universities that have fragmented departments and faculties? And please let us be on our guard and not let the legislature pass a bill that would eliminate the income tax for the mega-rich.

We want young people to stay here. We want to attract more workers. Don't discourage the people who live here and who we want to bring here. We need a positive plan that aims to expand our state, not shrink it. Let's work on it together.

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Anna Harden

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