California says “no” to these bills as the state works to minimize its budget deficit

(FOX40.COM) – The “suspense file” process is the way members of state government consider the financial impact of a bill submitted to the California Legislature, according to the California Senate Appropriations Committee.

On Thursday, that process was in effect as state lawmakers made decisions about whether to keep or amend a variety of proposed legislation, ranging from those aimed at permanently ending daylight saving time to a bill that would Employers would give employees the “right to disconnect” from summer time when they are off.

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When a bill is “held,” that means it is effectively “dead” for that particular legislative session and will not move forward for a floor vote. Bills that “come out” of the pending file are forwarded for a floor vote in their respective House of Representatives (Senate or Assembly).

If a bill is approved in the full House, it goes to the next house. If the Second House approves, the bill will be sent to the governor's desk.

However, some state senators said California's budget deficit, which could be double the amount originally estimated by Gov. Gavin Newsom, played a big role in deciding which bills were approved or held up during the suspense-file process .

State Senator Anna Caballero, a co-chair of the Senate Budget Committee, told CalMatters: “[Legislation] Authors were asked to change their invoices to take out the more expensive items.”

She continued, “We tried to keep costs down and really live within our means…”[California] doesn’t have the money.”

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Here are some of the bills that were “held up” during Thursday's legislative session:

  • AB 2571: Would give employees the right to ignore contact with the employer outside of work hours

  • AB 2808: Would prevent companies like Ticketmaster from solely reselling event tickets

  • AB 3073: Would require California to test wastewater for drugs such as fentanyl, cocaine and meth

  • AB 3117: Would classify mobile or digital driver’s licenses and ID cards as “real” proof of identity

Here are some of the bills heading to the next round of voting in the California Legislature:

  • SB 1043: Will expand reporting requirements for juvenile behavioral treatment centers

  • SB 1214: Aims to establish a commission to help California celebrate the 250th anniversary of the founding of the United States in 2026

  • SB 1413: Aims to establish standard time year-round and permanently eliminate daylight saving time

  • AB 2999: School districts, county offices of education, and charter schools must develop homework policies.

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