Rick Becker will fight to close the southern border

Today, thousands of illegal immigrants will cross our southern border.

These crossings are not without sacrifice. Across America, women and children have been murdered by people who entered our country unchecked. College student Laken Riley in Georgia, two-year-old baby Jeremy Poou-Caceres in Maryland, and sixteen-year-old high school cheerleader Lizbeth Medina in Texas were all murdered by criminal illegal aliens.

Tragically, North Dakota is not immune to the consequences of wide-open borders. Our state has seen a steady increase in opioid overdose deaths since the Trump administration – a 75% increase. On average, two North Dakotans die from drug overdoses every week, and most of these individuals are under 39 years old.

The fentanyl plague is affecting our young. It takes our fathers and mothers. It takes our future.

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I am a doctor. I know all too well the diseases and illnesses that are killing countless Americans and for which we seem to have no reliable cure. Luckily, that's not the case with fentanyl.

We know that fentanyl comes from China. It is assembled in Mexico and smuggled into the United States by the cartels across our southern border. Securing the border is important not only for national security and national sovereignty. For many Americans it is a matter of life and death.

It is time we treat the southern border with the urgency the situation demands.

First, we must build the wall, reinstate Remain in Mexico, and deport those who came here illegally.

Like many North Dakotans, I have little confidence that the college party in Washington will prioritize closing the southern border even if President Trump is reelected. My position will be simple but firm. Close the southern border or close the federal government.

I'm Rick Becker. I will fight to close the southern border. Whatever is necessary.

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