California's new farm labor laws and Northern Lights are devastating farms

California's new farm labor laws and Northern Lights are devastating farms

From the Ag Information Network, this is your agribusiness update.

**California's new farmworker organizing law has brought gains for the union but also sparked a series of recriminations from employers, farmworkers and union organizers.

In March, Wonderful Nurseries, the nation's largest grape nursery, alleged that United Farm Workers organizers tricked more than a hundred of its workers into unknowingly signing union authorization cards, something the UFW denies.

It's about a new organizational system called “Card Check” that allows the collection of signed cards instead of secret ballots.

**While a solar storm brought the northern lights to much of the U.S., it also wreaked havoc on farmers during spring planting.

According to 404 Media, the storm affected key GPS and precision farming features in tractors and farm equipment.

A John Deere dealer chain told farmers that some of its tractors' systems were “extremely compromised” and those growing crops could face problems during harvest.

**Severe flooding in southern Brazil has hit food storage facilities and affected producers' ability to transport grain to ports.

According to Port News, this threatens the country's exports and causes significant problems for the economy in Rio Grande (GRAHN Day) do Sul, where a lot of soy, rice, wheat and meat are produced.

A global grain export association says access to the port was cut off because a local rail line was no longer operational.

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