Shocking 'endless' reasons for massive closures in New York

After closing over 10 locations in New York, Red Lobster has filed for bankruptcy and revealed the reason for these drastic steps.

Last week, the Hudson Valley Post learned that Red Lobster is closing nearly 100 locations across the country, including many in New York.

Red Lobster is abruptly closing many locations

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We soon learned that additional locations in New York were closing. The full list of closures in New York can be found below.

11 New York Red Lobster locations suddenly closed

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Red Lobster is closing locations in Poughkeepsie, Kingston, Nanuet, Scarsdale, Lakewood, Buffalo, Amherst, Williamsville, Rochester, Stony Brook and Watertown

Red Lobster closed

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Last month, the Hudson Valley Post reported that the future of the popular eatery was in jeopardy as the owners considered filing for bankruptcy.

After announcing it would close about 100 locations nationwide, Red Lobster was hoping to find a buyer to avoid bankruptcy.

Red Lobster files for bankruptcy

Red Lobster files for bankruptcy protection

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On Sunday, the company officially filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy.

The company announced no further closures and plans to keep the remaining locations open by selling the remaining locations to its lender group.

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Investigation of endless shrimp production

The company is now also investigating how the chain's majority owner, Thai Union, handled the Endless Shrimps campaign.

Red Lobster files for bankruptcy protection

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According to court documents, this promotion caused losses of $11 million.

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During the promotion, Red Lobster faced a major shrimp shortage and ended relationships with two shrimp suppliers. This made Thai Union the exclusive shrimp supplier for Red Lobster, resulting in higher costs, according to Reuters.

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