Making his perfect Montana cigar

Last fall, I had the honor of joining Cascade County Sheriff Jesse Slaughter on his Pursuit Podcast. Afterward, we started talking about cigars. He told me about Ken Weinheimer, owner of Rocky Mountain Liquor, and how he set out to create the perfect cigar.

My God, I think he did it.

I'm not the biggest cigar connoisseur out there, but I do enjoy a stogie every now and then at Summit Cigar Lounge in Billings. I worked at a cool steakhouse, martini bar, and cigar lounge in high school. When I was stationed in Iraq and Afghanistan, smoking a cigar was the only way to relax and enjoy time with my fellow soldiers.

This is what I like about the Tatanka cigar: it has the dark, aromatic wrapper, but the smoke is smooth. It's not overwhelming.

Ken Weinheimer came to our radio studio Friday morning after a fundraiser for the Boy Scouts with cigars and bourbon. I asked him how he created the Tatanka cigar. This was the first cigar he ever made himself.

Ken Weinheimer: “Over time we get a triple Nicaraguan filler, a Habano binder and then a Mexican San Andreas wrapper. So it's a bit like a chef in the kitchen, right? Try all the different ingredients… and then we came out with this, and it was fantastic. So I decided to roll the dice, throw it out there and see if people wanted it – what they thought of it – if they wanted to buy it, whatever you wanted to do. And it's actually a very popular cigar in Montana.

Here is the full audio of our chat with Ken Weinheimer in the second half of the podcast below:

By the way, that's Ken in the foreground of the upper left photo above and below. Not only did he serve in law enforcement back in the day, he's also a military veteran.

In the bottom right photo, Fox News comedian Jimmy Failla is seen enjoying a Tatanka cigar. Failla is incredibly funny. He has his own television show on Fox News every Saturday evening. After his comedy show in Helena earlier this spring, he came over and joined our team for a cigar.

Also check out the Cattle Baron Cigars sign over Jimmy's right shoulder. These cigars are also incredible and are made by Dillon rancher Bryan Mussard using Reminisce Angus.

Credit Rocky Mountain Liquor/Aaron Flint

Credit Rocky Mountain Liquor/Aaron Flint

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