Trump questions the fairness of Pennsylvania's electoral system in an exclusive KDKA-TV interview

PITTSBURGH (KDKA) – Former President Donald Trump says Pennsylvania voters cannot be swayed by the outcome of his criminal case in New York.

In an exclusive interview Tuesday with KDKA-TV political editor Jon Delano, Trump said that while the process won't make a difference, it does question the fairness of Pennsylvania's election system.

Trump talks about the impact of the process on the election

Shortly before entering the courtroom Tuesday morning, Trump spoke to KDKA-TV about a number of issues affecting Pennsylvanians. He was questioned about his trial, whose case is expected to go before the jury next week.

Any questions about witnesses were off-limits because of court confidentiality, but KDKA-TV asked former President Trump whether he thought a guilty or not guilty verdict would have an impact on Pennsylvania voters.

“I think it has no impact at all. I think it's increased – this trial is a rigged trial with a judge who is a corrupt judge and a contradictory judge, highly contradictory,” Trump said.

“Even if there is a conviction, I believe it will have absolutely no impact. It could drive up the numbers,” he added.

Trump appears unconcerned about the impact of the ruling and fears that Pennsylvania's election – conducted by election officials in 67 counties – will not be fair.

Delano: “What are these concerns?”

Trump card: “Well, I’m absolutely concerned. Whenever there are mail-ins and when there are things like that that exist in Pennsylvania, it's nothing to worry about, I mean we just have to stop it.”

Trump, who lost Pennsylvania by more than 80,000 votes in 2020, still insists he won the state four years ago.

“What happened in Pennsylvania in 2020 was a disaster. We definitely won Pennsylvania in 2020 and other states as well,” he said.

“We should move to all paper ballots. We should have a one-day vote and a one-day election and do it right. And a voter ID card, you have to have a voter ID card. They don't want voter ID because they want to cheat.” Trump added.

Delano: “How will they cheat? How are the Democrats going to cheat in Pennsylvania?”

Trump card: “About 12 different options – so many options, if you had all day I could give you examples.”

It's important to note that widespread fraud has never been detected and KDKA-TV reminded the former president of this Numerous court cases call the 2020 result into question found against him, to which he says that the judges lacked the courage to do the right thing.

Trump asked about stance on abortion and contraception

It's a hot topic in this year's presidential campaign: abortion and contraception.

Pennsylvania is among the states that allow abortions up to 24 weeks of pregnancy, but many on all sides support federal laws that would either expand or restrict abortion rights.

Delano: “Will you veto any federal bill that would restrict or abridge Pennsylvania’s current abortion law?”

Trump card: “No, I’m not into federal politics. I simply took them out of federal politics. We did something that everyone wanted, but everyone also said it couldn’t be done.” We got rid of Roe v. Wade which brought it back to the States.

Delano: “So if Congress passes a 15-week bill, would you veto it?”

Trump card: “I don’t think there’s any reason for that because all the states will have their own.”

A related issue is contraception and efforts by some to limit contraceptives such as the morning after pill.

Delano: “Do you support any restrictions on a person’s right to contraception?”

Trump card: “Well, we're looking into it, and I'll have a policy on that shortly. And I think that's something you'll find interesting.”

Delano: “Well, that suggests you might want to support some restrictions, like the morning-after pill.”

Trump card: “We're also – you know, things really depend a lot on the states. And some states are going to have different policies than others.”

This was true decades ago, when different states had different laws for and against contraception, but the Supreme Court struck down those restrictions in 1965, declaring that anti-contraception laws violated a person's “privacy.”

“I will have a very comprehensive policy in place within a week or so, which I will send to you immediately,” Trump said.

It's not yet known what that policy will look like, but any policy that would allow states to ban contraception would apparently violate a 60-year-old Supreme Court decision unless and until the current Supreme Court rules otherwise.

Trump explains how he would improve the economy if elected

Both Presidents Biden and Trump claim to have done the most to improve the lives of Americans.

In his interview, Trump explained how he would improve the economy if elected this November.

The economy remains the biggest problem for most Pennsylvanians, poll after poll confirms. So it's no surprise that Trump says he will do better than the incumbent if elected in November.

Delano: “What will you do, among other things, to improve the economy for Pennsylvanians?”

Trump card: “Well, the main thing I'm going to do is: drill, baby, drill. We're going to drill. You know, Biden shut down your energy industry. You have a big fracking industry and he made it very, very difficult. And I'll tell you what: If he ever gets re-elected, he's going to shut them down completely.”

President Biden has told KDKA-TV repeatedly in previous interviews that he will not ban fracking in Pennsylvania. President Biden has invested federal money in green energy like solar and wind, which Trump derides.

“Wind, the worst energy there is, the most expensive, kills all the birds, looks like hell everywhere,” Trump said.

WATCH: Full interview with former President Donald Trump

Former President Donald Trump speaks with KDKA-TV's Jon Delano

Trump promises tax cuts if elected.

“I'm going to reduce them by 25, 30 percent, and I'm reducing energy costs. “Everyone in America will pay at least 50 percent less in energy bills once I’m president,” Trump said.

Trump did not specify which specific taxes would be cut. On another important issue, trade policy with China and saving American steel jobs, Trump claims Biden copied his policies and announced plans to increase tariffs on foreign imports.

“I would increase tariffs. I will raise tariffs, and raise them significantly. This is just a limited thing. “I saved it with tariffs and they have to go up,” Trump said.

President Biden denies that his aid for steel was limited. He was recently in Pittsburgh to announce additional tariffs and was supported by the United Steelworkers Union, but the former president insists he set it all in motion.

“I’m the one who saved the steel industry with tariffs,” Trump said.

This is vigorously denied by President Biden.

KDKA-TV gives President Joe Biden a chance to respond

KDKA-TV reached out to President Biden to talk about the same issues.

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