Her dream has finally come true! Insights into the baby's fully conscious journey to the Four Seasons Orlando

Not her, who eats truffle pasta and enjoys spa treatments

Guys! It's the moment we've all been waiting for: the baby is finally fully conscious at the Four Seasons Orlando and all our dreams have come true.

Last week, we finally heard from the Queen herself and learned that she is 13-month-old Kate from Tampa and that she even reenacted the whole “me!” thing in an interview with ABC News.

But now the baby's dream has finally come true while fully conscious: It visited the Four Seasons Orlando and received a LUXURY treatment.

Kate's aunt revealed a few days ago that they were in talks with the hotel so that she could visit the hotel, but now she has been there and everything is better than we could have ever imagined.

Videos show her eating a fine gold truffle pasta in a tuxedo, enjoying her life, doing a photoshoot in a hotel bathrobe, and eating a luxurious hotel breakfast while looking like she is READING the hotel menu. “She likes it here,” the video caption read. I'm so happy for this baby right now.

The Four Seasons Hotel itself also posted a montage video of her wearing a tiara and being greeted by a crowd of hotel staff, receiving a spa treatment, being fanned with leaves, and being given large balloons that spell out “meee.” 10/10 marketing, exactly that. The hotel's video now has over 6.9 million views.

People were going crazy in the comments when she was finally allowed to go. One said, “The Queen has arrived in her natural habitat!!!!” and another added that the baby will be the “future CEO of the Four Seasons Orlando” and I can honestly see that happening.

Another person said, “WE ACTUALLY MADE THAT FULLY CONSCIOUS BABY AN INFLUENCER LMAO” and honestly I'm just jealous.

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