Uni Watch Tour ’24 Report: New York City!

The fifth and final stop on Paul’s 2024 Farewell Tour took place this past Sunday, May 26th, in New York City, at Bowery Electric in downtown NYC. It was highlighted by an awesome set by the Zambonis, most of whom wore custom “Uni Watch” hockey jerseys. I honestly hadn’t planned on doing the recap (Paul had done the other four, but the whirlwind final week of his tenure, coupled with this gathering occuring on Paul’s last day, led to us deciding I’d handle this recap). Neither Paul nor I took any photos, but several readers in attendance did so (thanks to everyone who sent in). As such, there will be some photos below for attendees whose name(s) I either forgot or didn’t catch in the first place — so if you’re pictured below, and not ID’ed, please post your name (and identify the photo) in the comments below and I’ll update the information.

Honestly the day was a bit of a blur for me (and tempered with more than a bit of sadness), but it was another outstanding gathering, it was great to meet (or renew acquantences/friendships with) readers. It was also my great pleasure to meet a bunch of folks at this party. Everyone was incredibly thoughtful and supportive, and it speaks to the great strength of the community Paul has built for all of us to enjoy.

If anyone who was in attendance would like to express your own thoughts (or if I’ve posted a photo of you and either didn’t get, or didn’t remember your name), please do so in the comments.

Let’s look at some of the (many) photos sent in by various readers — there were a couple of readers who sent in multiple photos (like, dozens or in once case more than 100!). Again, my apologies to anyone whose name/ID I didn’t include.

Here are some, but by no means all, photos of those in attendance. The lighting in the venue wasn’t always ideal, so some photos will have a psychadelic-ish quality.


• Eric Garment (and Paul). Love the “Meats” shirt!

• Our own Anthony Emerson — who is a super-sweet guy in addition to all his contributions to the site — it was the first time Paul and I met Anthony in person (he came down from Maine just for the event).

• A gentleman whose name I didn’t catch (or remember). LOVE that shirt (I believe it’s from the Southern Oregon Timberjacks)

• Jon Springer (of Mets By The Numbers fame)

• Kary Klismet and Paul, showing off their coordinated green and gold stirrups! (Kary will be in several of the following photos, as he sent in a bunch)

• Gary Korhonen (another who sent in multiple photos!) in his Broncos Naming Wrongs tee! (He also posed with me and the UW baton Paul presented to me at the gathering)

• Rob Caridad (along with me and Paul)

• Kary along with four attendees whose names I forgot:

• A random crowd shot, but you can see Paul and E in the foreground, and in the Tequila Sunrise UW shirt is longtime reader (and one of Paul & my curling teammates from back in the day) Doug Kalemba

• On the left is longtime reader (and frequent contributor) Walter Helfer, along with Anthony and me:

Walter brought along with him several of his hand drawn creations (some of which have already been featured on UW)

• On the right is Gary Kornonen, along with three attendees whose names I can’t recall (sorry):

• On the left is the awesome Jerry Wolper (our proof reader and contributor) and the right is Bryan Molloy (who designed the winged stirrup and also designed every one of our Purp Walk T-shirts). In between are three great guys whose names escape me:

• Me, Marc Rivlin (a long and devoted reader, and HUGE Mets fan) along with Steve Dodell (who you may recall discovered the error in the Mets’ Tom Seaver statue, among other contributions)

• Kary and Bryan Molloy

• Tom Roddy and Paul

• Keith Seminerio and Paul

• Paul and Rob Yasinsac

• Cam Norris and PL

In addition, reader Sam Meyer sent along an entire gallery of photos, which you should be able to view here. Special thanks to Kary Klismet and Gary Korhonen — who each sent dozens/hundreds of additional photos.

Here’s a gallery of the days entertainment — the Zambonis!

And here’s an additional gallery (hopefully there won’t be too many repeats) of reader submitted photos

My thanks (again) to everyone who attended and to those who sent in photos, double-plus-thanks as well. If you’re in one of the photos shown but not identified, please let us know which pic and post it in the comments (I’ll update this post as needed).

I know there are probably a bunch of photos either I missed or haven’t been sent to the account — if you’d like to have photos added to this article, please send them our way.

And once again, my apologies for forgetting so many names and for any photos I neglected to upload. I’ll continue to update this post as needed!

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