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During the HD90 debate on May 17 in Alberton, candidate Steve Delisle, a self-described “refugee from the Democratic states,” introduced his idea to privatize Montana’s public lands, starting in Mineral County.

Delisle presented this plan as a solution to our housing crisis, revealing Delisle's desire to sell our state to the highest bidder. If land development is the path to affordable housing, Delisle might offer his hobby ranch in a tax haven for development first. Instead of keeping a few goats on pasture, build 300 homes for the benefit of all! Although I suspect Delisle enjoys the refuge that a piece of Montana offers him.

Unfortunately, he is willing to sell our sanctuary: the public lands we collectively own and enjoy and which exist for the benefit of all citizens. I am committed to the wildlife and natural resources that make Mineral County the place we chose to call home, a place we chose before Delisle came along to advocate for the desecration of our public lands for development and profit.

The loss of public land will not lower real estate prices, but will benefit super-rich developers – the very people who caused the current real estate crisis.

Say no to Steve Delisle and candidates like him before they turn Montana into the place they fled from.

— Ted Hartman, Superior

Anna Harden

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