Podcasts in Connecticut will explode in 2024 – the new gold rush

It's no secret that Americans love their podcasts. Everyone wants to tell their story, share their opinion, and be heard. The podcast is a tool that has given the average American a voice like never before.

Even though I knew all this, I didn’t realize how many people are currently starting their own show. A new study by Podcast says 18% of Americans will start a podcast this year (2024). That's a HUGE number, you can't get 18% of Americans to agree on anything, but when it comes to podcasting, a lot of people seem to agree.

And what about Connecticut? That number is even more astonishing. The same study shows that 33% of Nutmeggers will start a podcast in 2024. That number puts us in the top 3 nationwide.

Top states for new podcasts in 2024:

North Dakota – 50%

Rhode Island-43%

Connecticut and Delaware tied at 33%

What's the main reason people want to start a podcast? 33% of people say they want to start their own show to make money.

Further study results:

  • Nearly one in five Americans will start a podcast this year
  • Over a third of Americans want to start a podcast to make money
  • 68% of the most popular podcasts follow an interview format
  • 70% of people say their biggest complaint about podcasts is too many ads, followed by poor audio quality (49%)

Podcast is a good tool to get started. It offers advice on hardware, software and the do's and don'ts.

Infographic CT

Infographic CT

I hesitate to give advice because I don't want to point anyone in the wrong direction, but I do know one thing: making money from a podcast is really difficult, so I wouldn't go into it if that's your only goal.

Do it because you love it, because it gives you a creative outlet, because it's a healthy hobby, but don't do it just for the money. If your only reason for producing a show is to make money, it could easily be a long and disappointing road.

I'm not suggesting that it's impossible to make money from it, but not everyone succeeds and according to this study, there are already 3 million active podcasts worldwide.

Listen to the podcast “Ethan, Lou & Large Dave” on Apple and Spotify

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