Becker is the clear, conservative choice for North Dakota

Dr. Rick Becker, a candidate for the U.S. House of Representatives seat, is the target of a vicious smear campaign by the Brighter Future Alliance. They are feverishly churning out propaganda because they cannot compete with this upstanding statesman on the field of ideas. Becker's ten years in the state legislature resulted in outstanding conservative voting records and serves as a litmus test of the strength of his resolve. At a recent political rally, he detailed how he will tackle runaway government spending, address the wide-open borders, and many other issues that are of great concern to North Dakotans. Many politicians use hackneyed arguments or redundant rhetoric to win supporters. In contrast, Becker is a breath of fresh air. His innovative ideas and common-sense solutions to the problems we face are heartfelt and sincere.

Established Republicans resent Becker for courageously and unrepentantly sticking to the ideals of our party platform.

They see him as a collective pebble in their shoe because he refuses to give in to political persuasion. Becker's deep devotion to conservative principles – shines a spotlight on the weak and watered-down convictions of his critics and opponents.

We the people are honored and thrilled to have him on our side! We need an advocate of his caliber – with guts, backbone, and fierce patriotism who will accurately represent our voices and values. He understands that as an elected official, he is accountable to the people – not to political power. I urge voters to do their homework to cast an informed, intelligent vote. I am voting for Rick Becker – the people's choice and the only conservative option on the ballot that checks all the boxes for me.

Anna Harden

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