Florida once again lives up to FloriDUH’s reputation

Flori, DUH!

Florida lifts clean energy goals | May 24

The irony and hypocrisy of the juxtaposed headlines on Friday's front page were enough to understand why people across the country are writing Florida as FloriDUH. The main headline was “Hurricane Forecast: 'Extraordinary' 2024.” The headline immediately to the left of that was “Florida Lifts Clean Energy Goals.” Indeed, FloriDUH!

Joseph Ferrandino, Land of Lakes

Insignificant things

Sea levels in Florida are rising rapidly. Difficult decisions lie ahead | May 23

Water levels are rising across Florida. Miami and other Florida cities often experience flooding on sunny days. Shore Acres in St. Petersburg may soon be without much of a shoreline. Canoes for all!

Apparently Florida has no time for such trivial things. This is free Florida, after all. Our governor is busy “waking us up,” raising us “Christian,” and making us believe in the “true history.” Not all that slavery stuff.

And don't you dare say the word “climate change.” Oops, I almost said that.

Janida ThümlerTampa

Inmates run the institution

Florida lifts clean energy goals | May 24

I feel like I'm living in an insane asylum run by the inmates. Friday's front page is filled with stories about the worst hurricane season in history and the decision by Florida's Republican administration to scrap clean energy goals after just last week removing “climate change.” Is common sense missing in Tallahassee? What kind of voters are we to entrust our future and the future of our children to this bunch who have warped political agendas and place more value on rousing the base than on common sense and knowledge?

Stephen PhillipsSt. Petersburg

What is wrong with that?

Chiefs kicker Harrison Butker says in his college graduation speech that a woman should be a “housewife” | May 15

Harrison Butker said that many women will have great careers and many of them will also aspire to be wives and mothers. The man then cried on stage as he talked about how well his wife takes care of him and their children. He appreciated her contribution to their family.

In a society where several NFL players have been arrested for domestic violence, it is a disgrace to demonize the man who stood up and said something like Appreciate your spouse’s unique qualities as a homemaker.

Butker is a Catholic. And he spoke at a Catholic university to Catholic students and he represented the Catholic idea that women are the center of the home. He didn't say that women can't or shouldn't work. He didn't say that women are less valuable or “belong in the kitchen.” He said that women are special and unique.

Charles Michael SiteroOrmond Beach

Good memories

Gatorland at 75 | May 26

My daughter and I moved to Florida in the late 1980s. We wanted to see a real Florida attraction, so our first stop was Gatorland. When it was time for the alligator show, the alligators moved very slowly to the feeding area. The guide explained that since they had been in the movie Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom, they were now snooty alligator actors and didn't mind being late. I found that so funny. Now when I watch the movie and it gets to that scene, all I can think of are the snooty alligators in Gatorland.

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Christine JamesonBrooksville

Democratic threats

That’s enough | Letters, 24 May

The author of the “Enough” letter really needs to expand her news sources. The author seems to believe that the GOP is full of “sex, drugs, and predators.” Let's compare that to the Democrats.

Let's start at the top with Bill Clinton and his supporter, Hillary herself. He had sex with a 22-year-old White House intern.

Then maybe take a look at some of the biggest Democratic donors of all time, Jeffrey Epstein and Harvey Weinstein – sex, drugs, abuse and underage girls.

How about Andrew Cuomo, the respected former governor of New York who is accused of sexual harassment? And then of course there is Hunter Biden, who is the poster child for sex and drugs. Isn't he a Democrat who hangs out in the White House and doesn't pay his taxes?

Then maybe we'll come a little closer to home and take a look back at Andrew Gillum, the politician who almost became our Democratic governor and who was found unconscious in a drug-filled hotel room with a man suspected of overdosing on crystal meth.

Yes, we must take back our government. Florida voters did a good job electing our governor and our Republican legislature. Now we must do the same on a national level.

Doug HardinDade City

Food insecurity

More than a meal | May 28

I had mixed feelings about the article about Feeding Tampa Bay's new headquarters. I belong to a women's group in Pinellas County and a small Methodist church that feeds school children and the homeless and collects food for the local food bank. It's wonderful that we have so many who donate time and money to food distribution.

Sadness and frustration come from worrying about the breakdown of our economic system. The article mentioned that up to a million people in the Tampa Bay area are food insecure. Many of these are children and the elderly. I hope that the new headquarters will reduce that number.

Jean E. Campbell, Seminole

How long is “indefinite”?

This public pool was a lifeline during the summer. Tampa residents mourn its closure. | May 28

I bet if the Sulphur Springs public pool was located in New Tampa or South Tampa, the city would have raised the funds to make the necessary repairs and kept the pool open. This does not paint a good picture for Tampa.

David BurgTampa

Noonan, the hypocrite

Teach your children to love America | May 28

I find it ironic that columnist Peggy Noonan is urging us to teach the next generation to love America when she herself was a speechwriter for President Ronald Reagan, who campaigned on the slogan of teaching the last generation that the federal government is the enemy and that everything in our lives is going wrong. The current Republican presidential candidate wants to be dictator for a day and has called for the suspension of the U.S. Constitution. The GOP leadership, in their declarations of loyalty to the former president, reflects his contempt and distrust of our federal government and the Constitution upon which it is based. The duplicity of their call to love when their party clearly shows hostility toward at least half of their countrymen is laughable.

Brian ValsavageSt. Petersburg

Not so fast

Teach your children to love America | May 28

Once again, columnist Peggy Noonan misses the forest for the trees in her column about teaching children to love America. Of course we should love our country, but that love should not prevent us from opening our eyes to the wrongs many of us have committed against humanity over the past centuries.

Michael S. MillerSpring Hill


Teach your children to love America | May 28

I respect columnist Peggy Noonan for then-President Ronald Reagan's 1984 speech commemorating the invasion of Normandy in World War II, in which she wrote the classic line, “These are the boys from Pointe du Hoc.” Her recent writing, however, makes me cringe. A few months ago, she wrote, “No one is as patriotic as a Trump supporter.” As a veteran and former Republican voter, I find that statement offensive. Noonan's normalization of the Republican presidential candidate does us all a disservice.

I agree with the title of her recent column: “Teach Your Kids to Love America.” It's a shame that Donald Trump constantly says our country is a third world country. He has called those who have given their lives for our country “suckers” and “losers.” He describes despots who carry out public executions as the best of their trade. He disparages the world's most respected and powerful military as “weak” and “woke.” I could go on forever. My parents taught me to love my country. They also taught me to ask my country to improve. Noonan needs to improve.

Terrence S. Callahan, Belleair

Anna Harden

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