Morgan's Beach in Enfield opens for the season in June

Summer fun in the sun is just around the corner!

Here we are, Memorial Day is behind us and the official start of summer 2024 is just a few weeks away. That means it's getting warmer, and all signs point to getting outside and enjoying the great weather on the water.

It's probably pretty reasonable to assume that this is going to be a very busy summer season. People are ready to get outside and enjoy life, and one of the best ways to do that is to go to the beach, and here in Maine, we have plenty of them.

Opening day for Morgan's Beach is Saturday, June 15th!

Morgan's Beach staff would like to inform you that prior to June 15, people are permitted to park above the gates and walk to the beach area.

However, there are no facilities (including toilets) available on site and excavation work for the area is still ongoing.

Morgan's Beach is a seasonal public beach located on the west shore of Cold Stream Pond in the lovely town of Enfield on Route 155, on the Enfield-Lincoln road. The property includes a sandy beach, picnic area, playground, changing rooms, bathrooms, and the Trap Shack sells food and beverages.

I have made the 40 minute drive there many, many times and I can assure you that this destination deserves much more love than it gets. It is simply beautiful!

Start the summer off with a day at the beach at Morgan's Beach in Enfeild on Saturday 15 June!

For more information, visit the City of Enfield website or Morgan's Beach Facebook page.

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