Police reportedly shot and killed a Pennsylvania dog

A Munhall man claims a police officer shot and killed his dog on Thursday, May 23. His pup, named Nietzsche, apparently jumped on the officer to greet him, but police shot him. The resident is now looking for an explanation as to why this traumatic incident occurred, as he believes the officer's claims do not match what he saw.

Pennsylvania man claims police officer shot his dog

On May 23, Munhall resident Jeffrey Horner called police to report a burglary. The man had allegedly warned the officer that his dog might jump up to greet him. However, when Nietzsche actually jumped up on the officer, they both fell. When they got back on their feet, the officer shot the pup.

Nietzsche was only two and a half years old. The incident occurred while Horner was speaking to police. It all happened too quickly for the Munhall resident to process it immediately. He told CBS, “I feel like there's a certain experience, a certain level of trauma that I can't remember if I ever experienced.”

The officer claims they were bitten by the dog, which led to the shooting and death. However, Horner noted that the officer's statement did not match what he saw at the scene. He also stated that body camera footage would be helpful and could help clear up any confusion.

Horner noted that he is unsure if the shooting was legally wrong. However, he wants some answers and the truth behind the incident to be known to all. The Munhall resident is also trying to collect relevant video footage of doorbells to shed light on the traumatic incident.

Although he is unsure if the officer was legally wrong to shoot his dog, he believes it could have been prevented. Horner is struggling to cope with the loss of his beloved dog. He has hired an attorney to help him with the case, but further details have not been released.

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