California's flat sweet onion season has begun

California flat onion season is now here. Progressive Produce and its Keystone Fruit Marketing division offer a comprehensive year-round flat onion program that includes a variety of onions from around the world, including Vidalia, Walla Walla and Mayan Sweets onions from Peru and Mexico. The introduction of California flat onions introduces a local variety known for its flavor and versatility.

“California Flat Onions are a significant addition to our onion portfolio,” says Dr. Oscar Guzman, Vice President of Marketing and Sales. “These onions are carefully grown in the optimal conditions of the California climate, creating a product that enhances any culinary experience, whether grilled, sautéed or served raw.”

Customer response already indicates a promising market expansion. Progressive's sweet onions have received much praise, even from those who prefer other varieties. “At meetings, everyone talked about 1015s, but when they left, they only praised Progressive's Mexican and California sweets,” said one customer.

The team at Progressive Produce.

Available in 40-pound boxes and 2-pound bags, California flat onions are used by both retailers and food service providers, offering an opportunity to support local agriculture while reducing freight costs and environmental impact. “When you choose our California flat onions, you are not only supporting local farmers, but you are also guaranteeing our customers a fresher product,” says Dr. Guzman.

California flat onions will be on display at the West Coast Produce Expo from May 30th to June 1st. Visit Progressive Produce at booth #204 to discover the distinctive flavor and sustainable benefits of these freshly harvested onions.

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