You've never heard of the band IDAHO, but the trailer for the documentary “Traces of Glory” proves you should


  • Screen Rant
    presents the trailer for
    Traces of fame,
    a new documentary about the unknown rock band IDAHO.
  • The documentary deals with dealing with the music industry without striving for fame and reflects on self-doubt and unexpected attention.
  • Even if you have never heard of IDAHO,
    Traces of fame
    promises the chance to discover new music and delve deep into the history of an indie band.

Traces of fame is a new documentary about the long and winding journey of an unknown indie band and Screen Rant has a first look at the trailer. Screenplay, direction and editing are by Mark Allen Davis, Traces of fame is about the indie band IDAHO and its frontman and creative force Jeff Martin. The film begins with the formation of the band in 1992 and tells the story of the loss of band members, the creation of albums and much more, drawing on countless hours of footage shot over the years.

Screen Rant is pleased to present the trailer Traces of fame. The trailer introduces the unique sound of IDAHO and juxtaposes Jeff Martin's musical identity with the conventions of rock stardom and commercial success. Check out the trailer for the music documentary below and get ready to Traces of fame when it hits digital platforms on June 11.

Why Traces Of Glory Still Works If You've Never Heard Of IDAHO

Traces of fame is an ambitious film that tells the story of a largely unknown band. If you've never heard of IDAHO, fear not – the point of the best music documentaries is to offer unique and unseen insights into their subjects. In the case of Traces of fameThe fact that IDAHO never achieved the fame of some of its early 90s counterparts is one of the main focuses of the documentary. In this respect, ignorance of IDAHO can only amplify the documentary's impact.

There are many films about the dark side of fame, but Traces of fame explores what it means to navigate the music industry without necessarily wanting that level of attention. The documentary's official synopsis promises that IDAHO frontman Jeff Martin will reflect on his past, self-doubt, and “fame he never really sought,” which is interesting in the context of an industry that was based on attention economics long before the advent of social media. IDAHO's music is almost irrelevant to the point the film is able to make about the rise and fall of a promising band.

Of course, it was the music of IDAHO that attracted director Mark Allen Davis to the project in the first place. While popular music documentaries often revolve around well-known bands or artists, Traces of fame offers the inexperienced viewer the opportunity to discover a brand new favorite. With IDAHO releasing their first album in 13 years, SequenceMay 31st is a good time to see the band for the first time.

Traces of fame

will be released on streaming platforms on June 11th.

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