Largest biotech company in Massachusetts: More than 600 employees face layoffs

More than 600 employees at Takeda Pharmaceuticals USA, Inc. face layoffs starting in July.

Takeda is the largest biotech company in Massachusetts, employing 6,290 people in the state in 2022 and ranking among the 14 largest in the United States.

The company filed a Notice of Worker Adjustment and Retraining with the State of Massachusetts last week, saying that a total of 641 workers would be affected, representing nearly 10% of Takeda's Massachusetts-based workforce.

According to WARN, 495 employees are based in Cambridge and 146 in Lexington.

Layoffs are expected from July to March 2025.

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A Takeda spokesperson said the cuts were “not a headcount reduction initiative” but rather an opportunity to reallocate resources, San Diego Biotech Networks reported.

The Takeda Rare Disease Charitable Foundation, located at 300 Shire Way, Lexington, is one of the pharmaceutical company's 14 offices in Massachusetts.

Takeda confirmed to Endpoint News plans to close a research center in San Diego, California, affecting 340 full-time employees.

According to a report by Endpoint News, Takeda stated that the decision was a way to “focus a greater portion of our resources on our promising late-stage pipeline and ensure that we are optimally positioned to create greater long-term value for patients.”

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Earlier this year, Takeda laid off five employees at its Takeda Baxalta US Inc. site in Ventura County, California, and issued a WARN notice affecting 324 employees at its Takeda Development Centers America Inc. site in San Diego, California.

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