This Michigan Beach Was Just Voted Best in the State

When I first moved to Michigan from the Gulf Coast, I thought I would be leaving the beach trips behind me. Ignorant me, I didn’t think the Great Lakes were even suitable for swimming, let alone a viable beach trip option.

But, after my first trip to Lake Michigan at St. Joseph‘s Silver Beach, I have to say that a beach day on the lake can be just as great as a beach day on the gulf.

Of course, going to the best beaches certainly helps. Silver Beach is one of the best, but it wasn’t voted as the best.


USA Today announced the winners of Michigan’s Top 10 Beaches vote and First Street Beach in Manistee took the top spot.

“First Street Beach in Manistee beckons with its wide, sandy expanse, mellow waves, and family-friendly atmosphere, making it a great destination for beachgoers of all ages.”

Of course, best beaches are entirely subjective. Often it comes down to space on the beach and activities around the beach. Let’s be real, once you’re on the sand or in the water, not much changes from one beach to the next.

Manistee is a smaller town, but it has plenty to do around the beach.


The Little River Casino resort is just outside of town and is practically the starting point for the scenic MI-Highway 22 drive.


On the beach is the Manistee North Pier Lighthouse and Lighthouse Park, which are excellent for families.

Toss in plenty of local eateries and shops and the Manistee Riverwalk, you really could enjoy a full day or two with a beach trip to Manistee.

The full top 10 list from USA Today can be found here.

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