South Carolina Freedom Caucus fights the “Uniparty”

The South Carolina Freedom Caucus is a coalition of more than a dozen state legislators fighting to enforce conservative principles in the Palmetto State. Although Republicans have an overwhelming majority in the chamber, the Freedom Caucus's fight is directed not only against Democrats, but also against Republicans.

Republican state Rep. Josiah Magnuson, who serves as secretary of the Freedom Caucus, told Blaze News that both Republicans and Democrats (who he collectively refers to as the “uniparty”) “have an interest in the Freedom Caucus.”

“A core group of… absolute RINO establishment writers… Democrats who like to… dress up in costume and act like Republicans.”

Republican Rep. Adam Morgan, chairman of the conservative group, told Blaze News that there is a pattern: The Freedom Caucus raises an issue, the other Republicans say it's not an issue, “we raise it publicly, they vote against it, they all get a beating,” but then the Republican opponents change course and “we all vote together for the conservative principle” that is at hand because they are facing an election.

He said there is a “core group of absolute RINO establishment writers… Democrats who like to dress up in… costumes and act like Republicans.”

Morgan also pointed out that there are many Republican representatives in the middle who sometimes vote with the Freedom Caucus and sometimes with the leadership.

The Palmetto Truth Project has attacked members of the South Carolina Freedom Caucus and candidates affiliated with the Freedom Caucus through emails, mass text messages and other means, according to Evan Newman of the State Freedom Caucus Network, state director of the South Carolina Freedom Caucus.

Walter Whetsell, president and owner of Starboard Communications, which works with the South Carolina Republican Caucus, also works with the Palmetto Truth Project.

Whetsell told Blaze News that the “South Carolina House Republican Caucus is one of many clients we provide consulting services to. We also work directly for many members of the House Republican Caucus on an individual basis.” He also noted, “We provide consulting services to the Palmetto Truth Project, as we do for more than two dozen clients.”

Whetsell stated, “While members of the Freedom Caucus have extremely misled voters with their story, they have occasionally slipped up and admitted that their real goal is to 'burn this place down.'”

He claimed that “the Post and Courier has exposed the deceptions of the Freedom Caucus on a range of issues…from allowing convicted felons to openly carry handguns to denying pay raises to police officers and teachers to proposed penalties (up to the death penalty) for women who have abortions. At the same time, they have voted 'no' to a federal income tax cut that would allow hard-working taxpayers to keep more of their money.”

When given the opportunity to respond to some of Whetsell's comments, Magnuson told Blaze News, “The SC Freedom Caucus is a real threat to the power of the good old boys in the Columbia Swamp, so it's understandable why they are so desperate to lie about us.”

“Our members have always voted for the relevant budget sections, such as infrastructure, law enforcement and teacher pay raises, and have even often advocated for increased funding for these areas rather than wasting taxpayer money on crazy projects. And none of us have ever supported the death penalty for abortion. It is the failed political establishment that is out to spread a misleading narrative across the state. They are not concerned with the truth, but with their own self-service cash register,” Magnuson said.

Whetsell told Blaze News that the amount the Palmetto Truth Project spends “seems to grow by the day with the continued missteps and pearl-clutching of the Freedom Caucus. I give their group marketing advice based on the issue.[s] They are concerned and are offering them a range of marketing options to reach rational, reasonable and sane conservative voters with these messages,” he noted.

Morgan, who is currently running against incumbent U.S. Rep. William Timmons in the Republican primary in South Carolina's 4th Congressional District, said that “we need fewer Lindsey Grahams” in office and more figures like Reps. Chip Roy and Ralph Norman. Graham is one of the state's two U.S. senators, while Roy currently represents Texas' 21st Congressional District and Norman represents South Carolina's 5th Congressional District.

“The governing coalition of liberal Republicans and their Democratic allies have capitulated to the woke left and the globalist onslaught on American freedom,” the South Carolina Freedom Caucus leadership team said in a statement provided to Blaze News by Magnuson.

“We are exposing the RINOs and forcing them to address issues that Republican voters really care about.”

“Under 30 years of RINO leadership, they have allowed our streets to decay, our law enforcement to become demoralized, and our small businesses across the state to close their doors. They have failed to end our primaries, rid our state of DEI and CRT, or reform the backroom selection process for judges. And they continue to push cronyism and corporate welfare for politically well-connected people,” the statement said. “The SC Freedom Caucus represents the first real threat to the failed status quo. That is why we are seeing a coordinated effort between lobbyists, special interests, and liberal leadership relentlessly attacking the only truly conservative legislators in South Carolina.”

“Our unwillingness to abandon our conservative policy positions, our refusal to sign their Soviet-style loyalty pledge to protect the good ol' boys, and our calls for roll call votes have terrified the political club in Columbia. We are exposing the RINOs and forcing them to address issues that Republican voters really care about,” the statement said. “The political establishment is seeing its source of money evaporate, benefiting establishment lawmakers, their special interest friends, and woke corporations. By giving the People's House back to the people and creating solutions for conservative reform, the SC Freedom Caucus is transforming our state from the most liberal red state in the country to the beacon of conservatism that South Carolinians expect and deserve.”

Daniel Horowitz of Blaze Media recently said in a post to X: “The most important thing in SC is the re-election and expansion of the Freedom Caucus.”

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