Make a career out of helping others

After working for the State of Alaska for several years, Tanya looking for a change in her career.

When an opportunity arose at the Alaska Housing Finance Corporation, she jumped at the chance. Seventeen years later, Tanya is a Property Manager I in the Department of Public Housing in Juneau, working with seniors, people with disabilities, and residents of family homes.

“I just love people,” she said. “And I like the fact that every day is different. That's probably why I've been here for so long, because Nothing is the same Day in day out.”

Different population groups, different needs

As a property manager, Tanya works in two different AHFC Properties in JuneauIn the mornings, she spends time with seniors and residents with disabilities at the Mountain View location, and in the afternoons, she works with residents at family living facilities in Riverbend. Each of these areas requires a different level of involvement and support for residents.

Mountain View residents often have questions or need help that Tanya helps with coordinationThe family housing units in Riverbend are often occupied by single parents, many of whom are Access to safe, high-quality and affordable housing and work towards a better life for themselves and their families.

Be part of success stories

It is these moments that make some of the the most satisfying parts of her job. Over the years, Tanya has witnessed countless success stories. One in particular stood out: a resident of a family shelter with whom Tanya worked and who helped her achieve a goal that seemed impossible – buy your own house.

The resident bombarded Tanya with questions about what she needed to own a home, and Tanya provided information and resources, including Alaska Housing’s free training for home buyers, that provides insights into the home buying process.

“She was working and I kept telling her that for the price she was paying she could become the owner and then do whatever she wanted with her house. And she did it. She moved in with her family and they lived there for about five years. It was one of those good moments, it really came full circle.”

– Tanya, AHFC Property Manager I

Part of the fabric of the community

As a long-time resident of Juneau, Tanya has seen the importance of Alaska Housing’s resources to the community. Tanya was a baby when her family moved to Juneau because her father worked in the Coast Guard. Years later, she is a part of city life.

“It is small enough that I know a lot of people,” she said. “Sometimes people will ask you for something that you can't help with, but another organization may be able to. So knowing the community, knowing the other organizations and knowing who can help can be helpful as you guide them.”

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