Tucson man arrested on suspicion of cyberstalking University of Arizona student

On May 8, a Tucson man was arrested on suspicion of stalking and threatening a student at the University of Arizona.

On February 7, the man, identified in a press release from the U.S. Attorney's Office for the District of Arizona as 29-year-old Caleb Alfred Tifft, allegedly sent the victim a threatening message via Facebook Messenger, saying, “I think I'm just going to go out and rape and kill a girl. I give up. I'm the bad guy.”

The next day, Tifft was served with a harassment restraining order prohibiting him from having contact with the victim, the press release said.

But Tifft continued to stalk the victim online, the press release said. On March 1, Tifft allegedly made an anonymous 911 call to the Pima County Sheriff's Department, saying his friend had sent him a message saying he was going to commit mass murder. Tifft also said the friend was in a building at the University of Arizona.

Tifft hung up before the call could be transferred to UA police, but the PCSD passed the number on to UAPD, and UAPD identified the number as Tifft's, the release said.

Later that same day, UAPD received a relayed 911 call from Tucson police with a similar message: that Tifft's boyfriend, the victim, was about to commit mass murder and that the boyfriend was in a specific building at the University of Arizona.

A UAPD officer who had interacted with Tifft in the past listened to the recorded conversation and determined that the voice matched Tifft's voice. The number used to call the TPD was also the same number used to contact the PCSD.

Tifft turned himself in to the FBI on the basis of an arrest warrant.

Tifft was arrested on suspicion of cyberstalking and transmitting interstate threats.

Anna Harden

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