“You have advertising time in Pennsylvania”

Only a few days later Governor Josh Shapiro introduced a new tourism slogan for the Keystone State, we have another to present to the administration for consideration.

“America launches its political advertising here.”

Or: “You have advertising time in Pennsylvania.”

One more thing… “Political ads in Pennsylvania last a lifetime.”

According to an NPR analysis of data from AdImpact, $72.1 million was spent on advertising at the end of May. That figure includes TV, radio, satellite and digital.

It should come as no surprise that nearly 70 percent of that amount was spent in seven key states, including Pennsylvania.

It may be surprising that our state was allocated $21.2 million, or about $3 out of every 10.

Quote Domenico Montanaro from NPR: “Clearly, campaign teams view the Keystone State as, well, a cornerstone of this election.”

The Biden-Harris campaign has already spent $8.3 million in the Commonwealth's media markets, while another $2.5 million came from outside groups. The Trump campaign does not exist in the state, while outside groups have spent $10.5 million, most of which came from MAGA Inc. That represents four out of every five MAGA dollars going to Pennsylvania.

Biden's campaign has spent the most money on the election so far, with $34.2 million and counting. MAGA Inc. is in second place with nearly $12 million. Trump's campaign has spent almost no money on ads, with just $70,521 as of Friday afternoon.

Robert F. Kennedy Jr.who is running as an independent and is polling in double digits in most national polls, has spent a total of just over $800,000 on ads.

The campaign's most widely viewed ad so far is this pro-Biden ad to protect the Affordable Care Act, which ran 7,700 times in 17 days across all seven states.

MAGA Inc.'s most-aired ad is on immigration, but just last week, this ad was the most aired; it focuses on the economy (and makes unsubstantiated claims about Biden's mental capacity).

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