Indiana Sees the 12th Most Rapid Growth in Fishing Popularity in the U.S. | State

Fishing is among the nation’s most popular pastimes, with more than 50 million Americans going fishing each year. The sport is enjoyable for participants of all ages and athletic abilities, easy to learn, and offers time to relax and enjoy nature, making it a great hobby for people from all walks of life.

Fishing has long been popular among Americans, but in more recent decades, the growth of fishing has also become an important component of conservation and habitat restoration efforts in the U.S. Revenue derived from fishing licenses helps finance federal, state, and local programs for wildlife protection. State agencies directly use license revenue to fund wildlife agencies, while federal programs often use the volume of licenses sold per state as part of the basis for apportionments of federal wildlife funds. Governments also frequently generate revenue related to fishing in other ways as well, such as excise taxes on angling equipment.

The Growing Popularity of Fishing

Fishing License & Revenue Growth

Growth in Fishing Popularity by State

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