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A Miami woman who’s a pro boxer and powerlifter was arrested after she allegedly hacked her ex-boyfriend’s computer and posted another woman’s nude photographs online, police said.

Stefanie Cohen Magarici, who goes by the name Stefi Cohen, was arrested Tuesday on charges including sexual cyber-harassment, offenses against computer users, criminal mischief and resisting arrest without violence.

Cohen, 32, who’s originally from Venezuela, has more than $1 million Instagram followers and promotes herself as a 25-time world record powerlifter.

Stefanie Cohen Magarici, also known as Stefi Cohen

According to an arrest report, in March of 2022, Cohen was able to access a computer that had been left behind in a house by an ex-boyfriend who used to live with Cohen.

Cohen guessed at commonly used passwords and was able to access the man’s Apple iCloud account, where she found nude photos of the man’s girlfriend, the arrest report said.

Cohen saved the photos and later distributed them on group chats that the other woman was a part of, the report said.

The other woman said Cohen told her she was sending the photos “with the purpose of exposing and humiliating her,” the report said.

The computer access was unauthorized and the other woman said she’d sent the photos to her boyfriend for his views only and that she never gave consent for them to be shared with anyone else, the report said.

When an officer approached Cohen in Coconut Grove on Tuesday and told her she was under arrest, she said she wasn’t going with police and started to resist, the report said.

Two officers were able to take her into custody but while she was in handcuffs she tried to sweep an officer off his feet with her leg, the report said.

Once inside a police car, she was able to use her toes to break the locking system on the car door, the report said.

Cohen was booked into jail. In court Wednesday, she was granted a $3,300 bond and told to stay away from the ex and his girlfriend.

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