South Georgia woman shot five times raises awareness for gun violence prevention

MOULTRIE, Ga. (WALB) – Studies show that gun deaths in Georgia have increased 25% over the past decade.

Although the odds of being hit by a ricochet bullet are 1 in 6,000, the problem of gun violence is being brought to light by a woman who fortunately survived a drive-by shooting in Moultrie in which she was hit by five ricochet bullets.

Laquaila Walker says she never imagined she would become a victim of gun violence, especially in front of her children.

“It's been a long road, still a long road, but I'm getting there. It's changed me, but for the better. I see life differently now,” Walker said.

Walker said she and her brother were victims of a drive-by shooting on 2nd Street in Moultrie. Walker suffered five gunshot wounds to the abdomen and back.

She says she plans to hold her “5 Shots Awareness” event every year to not only raise awareness about gun violence, but also to celebrate the fact that she is still alive.

“It's OK to lay down your weapons. If you had problems back then, we fought them out and were friends again tomorrow. Today, everyone is willing to risk everything for nothing,” Walker said.

Gun violence continues to impact many lives across South Georgia, not just Walker's. Some say it's the new normal, but if you ask parents, they'll tell you that's not the case.

“Baby, you don't know how thankful I am. Honey, I was a praying mother, I'm still a praying mother and I will continue to pray despite all the gun violence that's going on here. If it helps even one person, it makes a difference,” said Regina Walker, Laquaila's mother.

Laquaila Walker says she plans to start a nonprofit to raise awareness about gun violence.

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