He's back for more: Former Rep. Chuck Kopp files suit against Rules Committee Chairman Rep. Craig Johnson

Chuck Kopp

Former Rep. Chuck Kopp, who was overwhelmingly defeated in the 2020 primary, is now making another attempt to win state office.

In 2020, he lost to former Alaska Republican Party Chairman Tom McKay, but this year the district lines have shifted and he is running against Craig Johnson, who serves as chairman of the Rules Committee for South Anchorage's 10th District in the Alaska House of Representatives.

Both are Republicans, but Kopp is considered a “Sen. Cathy Giessel” Republican, meaning someone who can't be relied upon to rein in spending. Kopp threatened Rep. Johnson this year that he would run against him if he didn't vote for Sen. Giessel's bill on defined benefit pension plans for government employees. He's making good on his threat.

Kopp is a former police officer who now runs a political consulting firm with Cherie Curry. He was involved in the campaign of former Governor Bill Walker, who at the time opposed the Republican Party apparatus and supported big government policies. He was also involved in Bill Popp's campaign for mayor of Anchorage; Popp received 17% of the vote. Another campaign he was involved in was John Coghill's campaign for Congress; Coghill received 2.4% of the vote in the primary.

Political observers point out that Kopp would likely join forces with Democrats to advance the public sector unions' agenda of fixed pensions instead of $401,000 retirement accounts.

Kopp served a combined 20 years as an officer with the Anchorage Police Department and the Kenai Police Department. He was Kenai's police chief and deputy city manager from 2005 to 2006.

He briefly served as public safety commissioner under Governor Sarah Palin, but was forced to resign when a scandal followed his time as police chief in Kenai.

As a House staffer, he helped spearhead the passage of Senate Bill 91, a catch-and-release law designed to combat crime more gently.

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