Jury deliberation begins in Trump hush money trial

4:35 p.m. ET, May 29, 2024

Jurors sent 2 notes with requests regarding jury instructions and testimony. Here’s what to know

Jurors deliberated for over 4 hours on Wednesday and sent two notes with requests: re-read testimony and to re-hear Judge Juan Merchan’s jury instructions.

The first note contained four requests, according to Merchan.

  • David Pecker’s testimony regarding a phone conversation with Donald Trump while Pecker was in the investor meeting.
  • Pecker’s testimony about the decision not to finalize and fund the assignment of Karen McDougal’s life rights.
  • Pecker’s testimony regarding a Trump Tower meeting.
  • Michael Cohen’s testimony regarding the Trump Tower meeting.
The second note came shortly after the first and jurors requested to re-hear jury instructions.

“We the jury request to rehear the judge’s instructions,” the note read.

In New York, jury instructions are not sent back. CNN legal analyst Elie Honig noted, “Judge Juan Merchan went through “50-something pages of legal instructions” this morning. He added that while most federal judges will send the actual document with the jury as it deliberates, New York State courts forbid this practice.

“It’s the way that New York State courts do it. They are obstinate, they are stuck in the past, they are making life difficult for the jury,” Honig said.

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