Toyota expanding its southern Indiana footprint at Material Handling plant

COLUMBUS, In. (WAVE) – The North American Headquarters of Toyota Material Handling in Columbus, Indiana has been operational since 1990. Since then, it’s produced more than 750,000 forklifts.

They’ve expanded 15 different times. On Wednesday, they announced they’re expanding again. The new facility will manufacture fully electric forklifts, a market that is already 65% electric nationwide.

“Indiana has made it a strategic priority to cultivate the economy of the future, and we continue to see impact of our work thanks to the partnership of great companies like Toyota,” said Gov. Eric Holcomb, who attended the groundbreaking event on Wednesday. “We’re so grateful to see Toyota continuing to invest heavily in southern Indiana. Toyota’s been a cherished partner and career cultivator to the State for the last 35 years, and we look forward to strengthening our bond even more in the decades to come in and around the Columbus region. Today’s remarkable announcement shows yet again just how important our state’s business friendly environment – focus on long-term success and access to a skilled workforce – is to companies seeking to expand and grow far into the future.”

The company said the EV infrastructure is far more advanced in material handling than, for example, in automotive, so there’s little doubt in the industry’s EV future.

Indiana Governor Eric Holcomb said he hasn’t stopped pushing for these investments, despite his time in office coming to an end soon.

“If we’re competing for sector spaces that are around 10 years, 20 years, 30 years from now, we’re on the right path and today is evidence of that,” said Holcomb.

The new building will be located across the street from the current facility. It’ll cost roughly $100 million and create a little more than 80 jobs.

“Electric forklifts make up 65% of the North American market and this trend towards electrification in the material handling industry will continue to grow,” said Brett Wood, President & CEO of Toyota Material Handling North America and Senior Executive Officer for Toyota Industries Corporation (TICO). “We hope this announcement shows our industry-leading dealer network and our customers that we are a proactive company, not a reactive one. We do not just plan for next week or next year – we’re preparing for the next decade, and this new initiative perfectly represents our commitment to that strategy. This investment is one of the largest in our history and signifies TICO’s commitment to the North American market, the state of Indiana, the city of Columbus, and most importantly, our dealers and our customers.”

It’s expected to be complete in 2026.

Anna Harden

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