Fair Fight Action offers workarounds for Georgia's new election rules

Georgia Governor Brian Kemp signed Senate Bill 189 on May 7. According to the bill, it creates new rules for challenging voter qualifications. It also prohibits the use of QR codes for ballot counting after 2026. It also removes the Georgia Secretary of State from the Georgia Board of Elections. It also prohibits county clerks or municipal registrars from offering goods or services to the state. This includes voting machines or vote counting, auditing or processing, as well as ballot scanning.

In addition, a post office box or private mailbox service is not used to verify a person's residency. Controversially, homeless people without a permanent address must re-register with their county's board of elections in order to vote. This starting path was built three years ago.

When Senate Bill 202 was passed in 2021, it shortened the early voting period and the number of absentee ballot drop boxes. It also requires the last four digits of the Social Security number or voter ID card. It also prohibits giving water, drinks and snacks to voters in line.

Anna Harden

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