Different high school graduation rates revealed

It's graduation season all over the United States. High schools and colleges say goodbye to their graduating classes and wish them luck for the future.

But not everyone who pursues an education graduates. Some drop out for various reasons, and others fail to achieve the grades needed to graduate. And one Western state has the worst graduation rates in the nation. Is it California or Idaho?

CA vs. ID: This western state has the most high school dropouts

When you look at the western states, there are two that stand out as opposites: California and Idaho. California is this beautiful state full of famous people and miles of beaches, while some people don't even know where Idaho is or don't believe it exists. California seems to be quite advanced in technological areas, and Idaho has more to do with potato fields.

But that is exactly the surprising result of a recent study on the education system in the USA. Idaho does really well, while California is, well, at the bottom of the list.

Newsweek has compiled a series of statistics and information on education and graduation rates, complete with an interactive map from the Wisevoter website using data from the United States Census Bureau. It shows where each state ranks in percentage terms for high school graduates. Idaho has a pretty impressive graduation rate at 91.26 percent, while California comes in last at 84.45 percent.

All other states have higher graduation rates than California. But that doesn't mean the other states are smarter or have better education systems. If we use even more data, we learn that West Virginia is the worst state for education, with a graduation rate of almost 89 percent. California ranks 29th despite its high dropout rate. But that's still not enough to beat Idaho, which came in 37th on the list.

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