This is how much New Englanders spend on vacation

The answer depends on where you live, at least according to a recent study. A Canadian online casino's study asked 3,000 U.S. citizens about their vacation preferences and the amount they spend on vacation. In New England, vacation budgets ranged from $1,900 to $2,600, with one glaring exception.

The most surprising finding of the study was that New Hampshire residents spend the least on vacations compared to other states. Residents of the Granite State are the most frugal, with an annual vacation budget of just $450. They also take fewer vacations: Workers in New Hampshire and Maine take just one vacation per year, while New England residents take an average of two weeks.

Here's a breakdown of New Englanders' vacation spending.

  1. Connecticut: $2,583, two vacations per year.
  2. Maine: $1,860, one vacation per year.
  3. Massachusetts: $2,234, two vacations per year.
  4. New Hampshire: $450, one vacation per year.
  5. Rhode Island: $2,271, two vacations per year.
  6. Vermont: $2,000, two vacations per year.

Not only do budgets vary from state to state, the study also found that preferred activities depend on the state of residence. There's a lot of overlap (hello, beaches) and some key differences.

A pool at the Jungle Bay Resort in Soufrière, Dominica, in February 2024. High earners from Connecticut prefer beach and pool vacations. CHRISTOPHER WARREN/NYT

What activities do New Englanders enjoy on vacation?


High earners in Connecticut prefer beach and pool vacations. Adventure vacations are the second choice, cruises come third. Family members are the preferred travel companions.


The most popular vacation type for Maine residents is an adventure vacation. Cultural trips and lake vacations come in second, followed by amusement park vacations in third place. Beach vacations somehow didn't make the list of most popular vacation types. Perhaps Maine residents avoid the beaches because too many Massachusetts residents are at the beach.


It's no surprise that Massachusetts residents prefer beach and pool vacations. Cultural vacations come in second, with adventure and city breaks coming in third. Family members are Massachusetts residents' preferred travel companions.

New Hampshire

New Hampshire's frugal folks prefer beach and pool vacations. Road trips are the second most popular option, with city breaks coming in third. New Hampshire residents prefer to travel with family.

Rhode Island

While most New Englanders want to get out into nature, city breaks are the most popular vacation option for Rhode Islanders. Cultural vacations are the second most popular, followed by beach and pool relaxation in third place. The preferred travel companion of Ocean State residents is their partner or spouse.


Vermonters' first choice is a ski vacation. Relaxing on the beach and by the pool is the second most popular choice, and adventure vacations are the third. Although they enjoy skiing, Vermonters don't want to hit the slopes with their families. They prefer to vacation with friends.

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