“Squirrel-caused power outages” are New Hampshire’s worst event

While this isn't exactly breaking news, squirrels in New Hampshire are anything but innocent. These pesky little rodents climb into our bird feeders and take all of our bird food for themselves (but we've got a few tips and tricks to help you protect your bird food here).

They are selfish little rascals who take, take, take and rarely give. Yes, I take squirrel behavior very personally.

But did you know that squirrels are also responsible for 11% of power outages in the state, according to Unitil?

Unitil is an electric company and one of the largest providers in the state. Each year, the company hosts a social media campaign raising awareness about the threats squirrels and other wildlife pose to electricity.

How do squirrels cause power outages?

Power outages due to squirrels can be caused by squirrels chewing on power lines, building nests on appliances, or venturing into areas where they shouldn't be.

Squirrel on a power line with a pecan in its mouth

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Sweet, right? Until your power runs out in the middle of the workday.

We all think about weather-related power outages, but rarely do we think of an outage caused by a silly rodent! That's why Squirrel Awareness Week is so important.

What can be done to prevent squirrel-related losses?

Unitil has installed animal barriers and other protective equipment to protect wildlife and prevent damage to infrastructure. However, some animals still manage to bypass these barriers and cause damage.

Have you been the victim of a power outage caused by squirrels?

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