One-on-one tutoring program benefits Arizona students

PHOENIX – The final session of a statewide one-on-one tutoring program began Tuesday and will run through July 9.

According to Tom Horne, Superintendent of Public Instruction, the Achievement Tutoring Program has improved student grades since the first six-week program began in November 2023.

More than 20% of students enrolled in the program have achieved “academic progress equivalent to half a school year of learning,” according to an announcement last week.

Horne has joined The Mike Broomhead Show from KTAR News 92.3 FM on Wednesday to flesh out the results. He said the data comes from two six-week sessions in 2024, the first of which was held in January.

“In the first semester, we had 4,242 students and 23% of them achieved a semester increase within six weeks,” Horne said. “Then we had a second semester in March and early April. Now the number of students has increased from 4,242 to 6,481 and 22% achieved a semester increase within six weeks.”

The program is one of 16 initiatives the state's education program is working on to improve students' academic performance, he added.

What is the Arizona Private Tutoring Program?

This program is designed for students in grades 3 through 8 in public schools and charter schools who are performing below the required level in reading, writing, or math.

However, any student attending a public or charter school in grades K-12 is eligible for the program – as long as they score below “sufficient” in the three categories above. The Department of Education is using federal COVID-19 relief funds to keep the program free for parents and students.

The tutoring sessions last a maximum of 60 minutes on a maximum of four days per week. In total, they last six weeks.

Horne said his department does not have enough money to extend the program after the end of the last session in July.

“I won't have the money because federal funding for the SSR runs out on Sept. 30,” he said. “If we have a year with a surplus like we had two years ago, rather than a deficit like we had this year, we'll ask this legislature to fund it.”

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