South Dakota police and fire department rescue adorable duck family

Firefighters and police in one of South Dakota's largest cities responded to an interesting rescue operation Tuesday afternoon.

Aberdeen Police and Fire Departments were on a mission to reunite a family of ducks after some ducklings got caught in a sewer.

Our news partners at Dakota News Now have obtained exclusive video of some of South Dakota's best rescuers saving the young duck family.


An Aberdeen resident noticed a family of ducks wandering around the neighborhood and saw them near a sewer. Suddenly, little ducklings started disappearing! Luckily, a good Samaritan in Aberdeen called the Aberdeen Police Department to help the poor duck family. Even a firefighter from Aberdeen Fire & Rescue responded to the call.

This spectacular rescue operation in South Dakota attracted a large audience and the neighborhood children even wanted to help the ducklings.

Aberdeen resident Ashley Gellhaus filmed the police and fire rescue teams rescuing the little ducklings and praised their efforts and the kindness they showed to their special helpers.

Normally, rescue workers would want you to stay away from the scene of an accident, but not in this particular situation. They welcomed all the children with open arms and helped them save these cute little ducklings. The smiles on all their faces were priceless! It was truly a heartwarming experience.


Fortunately, all the ducklings were rescued and reunited with their mother!

Ashley Gellhaus

Ashley Gellhaus

What a happy ending! Thank you for sharing this beautiful story with us, Ashley!

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