Everything JMU head coach Marlin Ikenberry said before the game against South Carolina

Before the Raleigh Regional, James Madison head coach Marlin Ikenberry spoke to the media about the game against South Carolina. Here's what he had to say.

What it's like to have a player like Joe Vogatsky

“It's been great to watch all these guys progress. Fen played three years and Joe played four. You know how hard they work and what they put into their game to get where they are. He owes his success to having the opportunity. For him to come back and enjoy this journey with his teammates is very special. That's what we've been preaching all year: take one game at a time and play for each other. I put them in tough situations, stuck to our game plan and wanted to see how we react and how we match up over the course of the entire season. I can tell you, the last 14 days have been pretty, pretty stressful. Going into the Troy series and then of course our conference tournament, we heard our name and the excitement of these guys was kind of palpable. It was like elation for all the hard work they had done all these years to get us into this situation.”

On participating in the NCAA tournament after a dry spell

“It was really, really great to be on the bus and be with the guys. You never know how the season is going to end, the way everything's been going. As always, it was really nice to get on the bus and take almost the same journey as five years ago when we came here to NC State.”

In preparation for the game against South Carolina

“I've looked at them a little bit this year and they're just a solid team. Any team that plays this time of year is a good team. You have to play really well and play really clean baseball to be successful. We prepare these guys all year under pressure to perform and that's how we train, that's how we approach our work and I'm really happy to be here.”

“I think one of the things you have to remember about playing baseball and defending pitching is what I've preached my whole career. If we do that, we'll be fine. Their offense is pretty dynamic in a lot of ways. You just have to do what we do and focus on our process and what we do well.”

About the starting pitcher on Friday

“Tomorrow we start with Todd Mozoki.”

“He made a lot of adjustments throughout the season and was our weekend starter early and through the first half of the season. And as he made those adjustments, we felt like the pressure was off him to put him back in the bullpen and he's shown that he's really good for us in certain situations to give us a chance. The really important thing for him, I think, is that the adjustments he's made are paying off.”

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