Arizona Softball Catcher/Designated Player Olivia DiNardo announces transfer intention

Arizona Softball lost a catcher to UCLA two years ago. The Wildcats are losing another offensively talented catcher to someone this season. Second-Year Catcher/Designated Player Olivia DiNardo announced her intention to transfer on social media Thursday afternoon. As is typical for her, it was short and sweet.

DiNardo came in as a highly touted catcher, but spent most of her first season as a designated player. When the former Wildcat Izzy Pacho took a time off from the team, DiNardo stepped in and held the catcher position for the final phase.

This year, DiNardo was again a designated player for most of the year, although he was still in his first year Emily Schepp was behind the plate. DiNardo was dealing with an injury that was alternately described as a hamstring injury and a nerve problem.

She finished the season with a .295 average and a .972 OPS. She had 41 hits, including 13 home runs and 4 doubles, and batted in 38 runs in 51 starts and 52 appearances. That was a slight drop from her freshman year, when she batted .382 and had an OPS of 1.038. As a rookie, she had 60 hits with 7 home runs and 10 doubles and batted in 36 runs in 51 starts and 54 appearances. Her career in Arizona will end with a .339 average and a .996 OPS.

The Wildcats are still well-positioned at the catcher position. Schepp will now return for her second season. They also have highly touted newcomers Emma Kavanagh on the way to Tucson.

There was an opportunity to move one of them to either first or third base, as the Wildcats lose Carlie Scupin And Blaise Biringer to conclude. Arizona will also need a DP next season. DiNardo is now out of the running for either of those positions.

While Arizona lost several players, Caitlin LoweIn their first year at the top, last year was pretty quiet. The Wildcats only lost Ali Ashnerwho transferred to Utah State for her final season of eligibility.

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