With $75M economic impact, Miami Swim Week celebrates 20th year on Miami Beach

MIAMI – It’s makeup and a bit of last-minute mayhem prepping backstage for the opening night of Paraiso Miami Swim Week, now celebrating its 20th year on Miami Beach.

Natalija Dedic Stojanovic, the co-founder, said, “It’s the only swim week in the world and that’s why it’s so important as more than 60 countries have come here to Miami Beach to present their upcoming collections.” 

Fifty runway shows featuring designers from all over the world are on throughout the weekend at the tents at Collins Park, as well as, other venues.

“We have over 30 designers presenting everything to shows, from pop-ups to trunk shows and parties, parties parties,” she said.

Miami Swim Week is the biggest runway show for swimwear in the world. The 4-day event brings more than swimsuits and sizzle to the sands.

“The event has an economic impact of $75 million through hotels, restaurants and clubs,” said Dedic.

Rebecca Collinson-Smith, an  Australian photographer and swimwear designer, says every piece of her line called Hunting Hue is a picture of what she has shot with her own camera. This scarf or wrap is a picture taken from Bondi Beach, 1000 feet above. 

“It’s all made out of silk twill and all the swimwear is made out of recyclable plastic bottle fabric,” Collinson-Smith said.

Rebecca is thrilled to make her U.S. runway debut Thursday night in Miami Beach. 

“This is my first U.S.  show and I have goosebumps. I’ve had them for the last week I haven’t slept for a week. The adrenaline is pumping!” She said.

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