South Carolina reacts to Trump verdict: Supporters call for appeal

Former President Donald Trump was found guilty on Thursday on all 34 counts in a hush money criminal trial.

The background to the proceedings is the allegation that Trump falsified business documents in order to conceal hush money payments to porn star Stormy Daniels. Trump is the first former US president to be convicted of a crime.

Several South Carolina politicians reacted quickly to news of the jury's verdict after a six-week trial. Here's what they said.

“An abomination”

US Congressman William Timmons, who is being endorsed by Trump for the second time as he vie for the Republican nomination for South Carolina's fourth congressional district against his challenger Adam Morgan, called the verdict an “abomination”.

“The rigging was there from the beginning – from the prosecutor to the judge, this process was rigged from the beginning,” Timmons said in a statement. “Trump is ahead in every swing state and in every single poll. This is election rigging in no uncertain terms,” ​​Timmons said. “This ruling is an abomination and will be overturned on appeal. The judge cannot jail the former president and current presidential frontrunner six months before the election. The judge must let Trump go free while he pursues his appeal. Moreover, the Supreme Court must hear the appeal in the first instance without delay. Putting Donald Trump in custody or placing him under house arrest could well mean the end of the republic.”

Republican state Rep. Adam Morgan (Greenville) also responded that Trump should appeal.

“Throughout this process, we have seen the continued use of the government as a weapon against President Trump. An unchecked government targeting its political enemies is a travesty. This is wrong. This is un-American and I will not tolerate it,” Morgan said. President Trump should appeal this case immediately. The American people have seen the lengths the Biden administration will go to attack its political enemies. We look forward to making our views known to the Biden administration in the November election.”

Senator Lindsey Graham

On X, formerly Twitter, South Carolina Senator Lindsey Graham wrote that he expects Trump to appeal and be elected president in November.

“This verdict says more about the system than the charges. It will be seen as politically motivated and unfair, and will backfire massively on the political left,” Graham wrote. “The Manhattan legal system has literally become a joke. This is a mockery of justice. I fear we have opened Pandora's box and in doing so, threatened the presidency itself.”

Yvonne Julian, Greenville County Republican Chairwoman

Yvonne Julian, chair of the Greenville County Republican Party, said she was not surprised by the verdict and questioned the legality of the proceedings, saying the proceedings were an attempt to use the justice system as a weapon to keep Trump out of office.

“It's clearly just an attempt to keep him out of a very corrupt political business. There's no way someone like Trump would get an honest jury in a city like New York,” Julian said. “There's no way someone like Trump would get an honest jury in a city like New York with the level of crime that it has. A city that most people are fleeing and that's full of people who came into the country illegally.”

Julian also said that politicians who oppose Trump are conspiring against him out of jealousy.

“The government is their only way of getting money, and part of that is because they don't have the work ethic. The talent or the honesty to get rich the old-fashioned way. These people resent people like Trump. They resent the fact that he built a company that does something that provides value to people,” she said.

Julian added that she expects Republican voters to continue supporting Trump.

“Trump basically stands for what real Republicans believe in, and that is not a big government. But his biggest problem is that he exposes the government to both sides, left and right. That's why he's been attacked.”

Reporter Terry Benjamin II contributed.

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