Reactions from Utah's congressional delegation and others to the Trump ruling

Former President Donald J. Trump was found guilty of 34 counts of serious crimes in his infamous hush money trial.

He is the first former president to be convicted of serious crimes.

Utah officials and the Republican National Committee were quick to comment on the verdict. This is a compilation of the statements KUTV has received so far.

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Statement from the Republican National Committee entitled “RNC Statement on Rigged Trump Hunt”:

“Today's ruling, handed down by a partisan and biased judge, is an indictment of the Democrats' campaign to weaponize the justice system to attack President Trump. The real verdict will come on November 5, when Americans vote for a president they trust to lower prices, secure the southern border, restore America's leadership in the world, and make America great again.”

Governor of Utah, Spencer Cox

“I have consistently expressed serious concerns about this charge since the Manhattan District Attorney filed the indictment in March 2023. Several other prosecutors have looked at the allegations and declined to prosecute because the circumstances and witnesses were deeply problematic. The District Attorney also used a novel legal theory to convert misdemeanors into felonies. No one is above the law, but in this case, I believe the charge was a mistake and should never have been filed. This outcome is a black day for our country.”

Brad Wilson, former Speaker of the Utah House of Representatives and current candidate for Mitt Romney’s Senate seat:

“Today's verdict makes a farce of our criminal justice system. This trial is a farce, staged for one reason only: Democrats know Joe Biden will lose. This is nothing less than an attempt to undermine the right of the American people to decide for themselves who should be our next president.”

Senator Mike Lee of Utah:

Brian King, candidate for governor of Utah:

“I have dedicated my entire career as a lawyer to fighting for the rule of law. Today's conviction by a New York jury reaffirms the importance of our justice system. Beyond the verdict itself, the trial proves the validity of our legal system.”

“Many Utahns feel abandoned by their political party and experience a sense of political homelessness. This conviction will mark a critical point for many in our state. If you voted for former President Trump in 2016 or 2020, but this conviction is a turning point for you, know that you are not alone. I invite you to join our coalition of pragmatists – people who seek trusted leadership who strives to improve our lives rather than perpetuate chaos and uncertainty.

“While we have differences, we share fundamental values ​​of common sense, good governance, freedom and democracy. Consider this a formal invitation to join us in this movement toward a more stable and principled future.”

Utah Representative Burgess Owens:

Jeff Merchant, Executive Director of the Alliance for a Better Utah:

“No one is above the law. Former President Trump has consistently demonstrated a blatant disregard for the law and the truth, and a jury of his peers has held him accountable for his fraudulent conduct. The verdict marks a significant development in a legal saga that does not end today; it is just beginning.

“It is fair to require candidates for higher office to hold themselves to the highest possible standards, not because they occasionally fail to meet those standards, but because they recognize that they should continually and consistently try to meet them. Donald Trump's belief that the law does not apply to him violates the very foundations of our legal system and the beliefs of the Founding Fathers. Indeed, the Founding Fathers created a democracy based on the rule of law, and today the rule of law has prevailed.”


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