Second Michigan farm worker contracts avian flu from infected dairy cattle

A second human case of bird flu has been diagnosed in a Michigan dairy farmworker. It’s the third known human case of bird flu in the U.S. this year.

The first two identified cases — one in Texas in April, one earlier this month in Michigan — had very mild symptoms, mainly conjunctivitis or eye redness. But the latest infected worker had acute respiratory illness with cough, the CDC said.

State officials said neither of the infected Michigan farmworkers were using full personal protective equipment like a mask, ventilator, gloves and coveralls. State and federal agencies are advising workers who could be exposed to the virus to use that equipment.

Avian flu has now been found in dairy cattle on farms in 10 Michigan counties, and poultry have also been infected on farms in four Michigan counties.

The CDC says the risk of getting bird flu is elevated among those exposed to infected dairy cattle, but low for the general public.

Anna Harden

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